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Fresh Dirt for June


Spend time living in your garden. Enjoy the colors, fragrances and sounds that surround you. Gardens teach us to live in the moment. Watch, touch, and daydream among the flowers.


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Americans love change and challenges. This is reflected in a move toward more relaxed, informal and natural landscapes. Sometimes this results in a very free-spirited and almost "wild" space. It is freeing and harmonious. It is a place where we can be with wildlife.

We can blur the edges. This is our everyday experience. The land ends and the sky begins. The land ends and the ocean spans and rivers run.

We can blend the natural and the cultivated. We allow plants to grow together. We prune not to make plants into neat geometric shapes. We prune to enhance the tree's sculptural qualities.

We experience drama through each season. We marvel in the beauty of the ornamental grasses. Their movement and their grace. They are an integral part of the dried winter garden.

Our gardens stimulate our senses, fill our imagination and give us pleasure.

As we transition from spring to summer we cannot help but revel in nature and how distant winter seems.