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Fresh Dirt for July


Sitting in the garden surrounded by trees, flowers, fragrance and butterflies is calming and stress reducing.

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It seems likely that we are headed for a hot and dry summer. Mulching or top dressing with compost is so important for this reason. It will help retain moisture and keep the roots cool. Eventually, as it breaks down, it also improves the soil. I cannot emphasize these points enough.

Most bulbs we know prosper in dry summers. This is because their native habitats are normally like that. They cleverly capture moisture when it's available and use is efficiently. So why not start thinking about a fall bulb planting to enjoy next spring? This is a great way to conserve natural resources and celebrate spring with color.

Please know that most plants are content to be grown slightly dry rather than wet. So check the soil down an inch or so before you water or worry. Water efficiently. Perhaps consider an irrigation system, especially where tree roots are competing with under story plantings. Trees will tell you they are under stress by prematurely dropping leaves and looking wilted.

We look forward to working on projects now that can be implemented in the fall. The ground will have started to cool and the plants will be happier setting out new roots. We anticipate clarifying and coordinating with you our mutual ideas and goals. We want to create garden rooms that will be in harmony with your dreams, your style and your home. Your garden is a living space with living things. It is your piece of this earth. You are allowed to be passionate about it. We encourage this as we work with you.