Fresh Dirt for February


Fantasize, dream and plan!



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Let your garden celebrate who you are and where you are. Is there a garden you've visited that stirred or evoked a joyous feeling? Do specific fragrances simply make you feel good?

Think about your favorite childhood memories. Playing hide and seek, gardening with your parents or grandparents, being reminded of plants associated with wonderful past experiences...Consider these thoughts when discussing with me what you might want in your garden. Every inch of every property should be of importance to the owner.

Would you like to look out your window and see birds and butterflies? Being a part of nature is uplifting.

Did you ever consider an outdoor place to meditate, be still and peaceful? Flowers feed the soul.

Do you want to add containers and window boxes? We have a need to note the rhythm of nature. Containers are a great way of accenting a garden or entranceway. Imagine a fragrant pot of night-blooming jasmine underneath a bedroom window bringing garden perfume into a room. Or imagine a rainbow of sweet smelling pansies adding a touch of spring and uplifting your wintery spirits.

The subtle and nodding hellebores, pure white snowdrops, and the fragrant strappy petaled witch hazels are in full display. If you don't have any in your garden or are unfamiliar with these plants, a visit to your local arboretum on a mild winter day is in order. Once you see them, I am sure you will want them in your garden.

Though many dogwoods are grown for their flowers, the 'Midwinter Fire' twiggy dogwood has the most spectacular showing of red and gold stems. These colorful winter stems are a great reason to grow this plant. Picture this in a container. What a wonderful statement.

I hope these questions and thoughts will provoke you this month. Looking forward to creative conversations and plans for your gardens this year.