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Fresh Dirt for December

As the year draws to a close and we spend some time in reflection, let us not forget our gardens are a place of solace and joy.


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Looking back and ahead

A garden is more than a place to grow flowers and food. It is a place that refreshes our mind and spirit. In an unpredictable world a garden is a beacon of harmony, goodness and peace. In death it speaks of birth, in sorrow of joy, in madness of sanity.

Nature gives us optimism. Sewing a seed gives us hope. It connects us with the future. Every stem, pod, fruit and swelling bud point to how resilient life is. This soil, this earth, this planet supports our life, good and bad. In cultivating a garden you give back to this larger garden we inhabit.

Let us go into this holiday and new year with hope, joy and dreams.